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The key to success on every project is skillful collaboration, organization, and teamwork among contractors, designers, architects, subcontractors, and all others on a job site. As construction managers, the Building Solutions, LLC team facilitates the design and construction of projects by organizing people, materials, and equipment. When you hire us for construction management services, you can rest assured we’ll be leading the team well before groundbreaking until after the ribbon is cut.

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By performing the work ourselves, we can guarantee the maximum price by controlling the schedule, quality & craftsmanship, while driving cost down with fewer markups and redirect these cost savings back to YOU!

Focused Work

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Exceptional Results

Our company is based in Dodge City, KS, and manages commercial construction and development projects throughout the surrounding region. On each job site, there is a lot to manage, so it is essential to work with a strong, reliable, and experienced team. We work with major clients including hospitals and medical offices, manufacturing facilities, churches, schools, financial institutions, agricultural projects, and commercial development.

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With experience comes knowledge. Because self-performing construction firms are working on sites every day, they have first-hand experience with labor, materials, and schedules. This data provides accurate job cost information. Hence, our pricing is not a guess, it is based upon historical first-hand knowledge. This enables us to provide the Owner with early and extremely accurate budget estimates. These accurate costs enable good decision making. It also avoids the trap of over-allocating costs to cover a particular item.

Cost Savings Your budget dollars simply go further with us

Quality Our finished product is our ultimate marketing piece. We take pride in our work and it shows.

From our beginning in 1999, the Building Solutions, LLC name has been synonymous with exemplary work and exceptional results. Our design/build processes are based on collaboration and communication with each client, which improves accuracy and streamlines production. Our clients and architects are more than customers to us — they are strategic partners in every project we complete. We believe in doing whatever it takes to make the job right.

When working with an experienced Design-Build team, the Architect and the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) are working together. Adversarial relationships are removed.

By working closely with the Architect during the conceptual design, we know what the finished product is. It is “a picture is worth a thousand words” factor. We are able to get to the finished product much faster by not having to consult the Architect for every little detail. We have standardized the methods, techniques, and products in the past with the Architect, so we are all the same page before we start. The Architect lets the CM do his job. This saves the Architect time and the plans get done much earlier.

Efficiency As a self-performing CM, we don’t look for Change Orders if plans fall short. We work as a team to create solutions.

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